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Teen Internship Program


The Earth & Space Expedition Center has implemented a teen internship program by application only. Teens must be 15 years or older to qualify.

Teens participating in this program must submit an application as well as a project outline for their internship. They will also need a resume, a letter of recommendation from their advisor and one from a parent.

Only a few teens will be selected each year, based on how many mentors are available to match with qualified candidates.

These internships have been created to give talented, innovative students an opportunity to delve deeper into a particular topic of interest as it relates to space and/or science and must be able to be illustrated as it relates to The Earth & Space Expedition Center. These topics must have a quantifiable outcome and must be able to be completed by the end of the school year or over the summer break.

Past interns have had an opportunity to work with mentors and meet industry leaders in their subject of interest and it has provided a network of support for successful participants.