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Engage your students in the exploration of space through our exciting field trips! Your class will be inspired as they learn about the exploration of space, the upcoming Artemis missions to the moon and Mars, our own solar system, our active Sun, comets, asteroids, meteors and exoplanets! Through fun lessons and space based activities, your class will learn what it takes to go to space, and what possibilities are out there!

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Our Amazing Solar System - 1 hour


This program explores the wonders of our solar system through interactive lessons and activities! Ride along with us as we journey through the planets and their moons, stopping to explore all of their unique and interesting features. Includes a planetarium show

Patterns of the Sun, Moon, Earth and Stars - 1 hour

K-2 & 3-6

How does an eclipse work? Why do we have seasons and why do we only see one face of the moon? These questions will be answered in this program that focuses on the patterns of the sky, including the moon, the sun and the Earth. Upper grades will also learn about the motions of the constellations and the precession. Includes a planetarium show.

Journey to Mars - 1 hour

4th and up

Join us in a journey to Mars as we learn about its past and future explorations as your class will use that knowledge to plan a manned journey to Mars. The mission will stress teamwork, problem solving skills, testing new ideas and the challenges of traveling to Mars. 

Meteors, Meteorites, and Meteoroids, Oh My!  - 1.5 hours

4th and up

This program will explore the difference between meteors, meteoroids, and meteorites as well as their structure, origin and how they affect our Earth and the Moon. Your students will learn about various craters and impacts in the solar system, and will be creating some of their own of which they will observe angle of impact and size of meteor. They will also be able to view meteorites on loan from ASU in our museum.

Stardust - 1.5 hours

5th and up

Stardust is a workshop that focuses on engineering and the study of comets. The students will learn about comets, their structure, origin, and how they affect the solar system.  They will design a version of the NASA STARDUST probe which flew through the coma of a comet, collecting material for scientists to analyze on Earth. Each team designs and builds a model of their probe using the parts available while trying to maintain their budget. Once the STARDUST probe is complete, the teams present their probe to our Flight Director and try to sell their design concept.

Space Travel Challenge - 1 hour

5th and up

Today’s students are tomorrow's space colonists. The path will not be easy, but with the proper training and education, these future astronauts will be prepared for the mental and physical challenges ahead. Your class will get a glimpse into the life of an astronaut and experience the excitement and adventure that goes with living and working in space. A Flight Director will guide you through this workshop in which your class will experience first-hand the challenges of an emergency situation by reenacting the near-disaster aboard the Apollo 13 mission. Teams of students will design and build a working air filter using reproductions of the equipment available to the crew aboard the capsule.

Light and the James Webb - 1.5 hours

3rd and up

The James Webb Space Telescope is an orbiting infrared observatory that will complement and extend the discoveries of the Hubble Space Telescope. Webb will be able to look much closer to the beginning of time to see the first galaxies. In this program, your class will learn about the Hubble and James Webb telescopes, how they work and what their impact is on space science. Your students will be introduced to the wonders of light and make their own spectroscope to view the colors of the light spectrum. Program includes a 30 minute show about light.

Artemis: Return to the Moon - 1.5 hours
4th and up
The NASA Artemis mission is an exciting return to the Moon which will lead to a manned mission to Mars. Artemis will use innovative technologies to explore the moon and Mars and through hands-on activities, your students will learn about how astronauts will live and work in space and on the moon.

Shuttle Heat Shield Challenge - 1 hour
5th and up
The shuttle missions were very successful and innovative. Your class will learn about the exciting era of the NASA space shuttle, its history and its difficulties and successes. In this program, your students will engineer a device to withstand the 3000 degree heat of a shuttle reentry. In teams, they will be provided with a budget and a list of supplies that they must use to build the lightest and most inexpensive heat shield model possible. We then test the models to determine which team was successful in their design.

Add On Programs (Each are 30 min. )

Planetarium Show
Light Demo
Liquid Nitrogen Demo
Imagination Playground